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Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss!

Food experts are of the opinion that green coffee beans are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and one such important antioxidant that offers the more stuff benefits is chlorogenic acid. Naturally occurring in extremely large quantities in green coffee beans, chlorogenic acid offers a number of potential healthy advantages. Green coffee beans are unroasted and hence the essence of chlorogenic acid is maintained, as against roasted coffee beans where only a small quantity or traces of chlorogenic acid can be seen.

In addition to being an extremely effective weight loss agent, chlorogenic acid is also seen in fighting against free radicals and toxins. Further evidence also reveals that chlorogenic acid is useful in reducing the levels of homocysteine in the body. Reduced levels of homocysteine can help in reducing the risk of cardiac disorders. In addition, chlorogenic acid also plays a huge role in preventing type II diabetes and is traditionally used as a treatment method for hypertension. Based on limited research and preliminary findings, the conclusions on chlorogenic acid are still to be analysed in detail.

A vast number of studies have also revealed positive effects of chlorogenic acid on metabolism and its effect on weight loss, were the most well-known study was published in 2012 in the Journal, "diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity: targets and therapy". In this study it was seen that 3 groups of human participants were involved, the first group who ingested a high dosage of green bean coffee extracts supplementation, of approximately 1000 mg, for over two weeks, the second group were given a low dose of green coffee beans supplementation of approximately 700 mg for two weeks while the third group were placed on placebo for the same amount of time. In between, a two-week gap was introduced wherein none of the subjects took any of the three supplementations.

Go Lean & Healthy Without Observing Strict Diet & Exercise Regime!

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss BenefitsThis important study reveals that participants who consumed green bean coffee extract supplements experienced drastic decrease in body mass index, body fat percent, body weight and even tiny reductions in heart rate. When taking taking the green coffee extracts, no substantial changes in diet or exercise were seen of the participants, which proved that the weight loss and reduction in body mass and percent was attribute solely to the green bean coffee extract supplement.

According to a study published in 2007, in "the Journal of International medical research", medical experts discovered that when human participants in gestate instant coffee fortified with chlorogenic acid, they experienced dramatic weight loss due to the reduced absorption of glucose sugar in the blood. One of the possible weight loss factors behind chlorogenic acid present in green coffee bean extracts has to do with the effects that chlorogenic acid has on sugar absorption in the body, from starch and its effect on fat synthesis. In addition, a number of studies on mice and animals, such as the study printed in "biochemical pharmacology" in 2013, revealed that chlorogenic acid greatly reduced the synthesis of fat in the body while cutting down triglycerides and and cholesterol levels.

Currently, medical experts are also analysing possible benefits of chlorogenic acid and its role in improving mental capacity and moves in individuals. In the Journal, "Psycho pharmacology", a study published in the year 2012 suggested that both the variants of coffee, including caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee were enriched with chlorogenic acid and given to participants. Both types of coffee is that were fortified with high levels of chlorogenic acid positively impacted the moods and cognitive abilities of elderly individuals.