Green Tea: Weight loss Supplement Benefits, Side Effects & More

Green Tea – Natural Drink to Quick Weight Loss

Nature has various colors and green has always remained the primary color of nature. The processes and additives are responsible for changing this green color to other shades. This stands true for green tea. It may be surprising, but the fact is that green tea and the regular tea are procured from the same plant species called Camellia Sinensis. The black tea and green tea are later formed through various processes that are carried out on tea leaves.

The process of making green tea is short and less heating is involved. The leaves are prevented from getting oxidized so that the tea doesn’t lose its natural flavor and aroma. The black tea is usually oxidized a lot and in that process, it loses on the vital ingredients as well.

Now a days, green tea is cultivated and processed around the world, but the origin of this amazing drink is believed to be in China. Yunnan province in China is the place where the use of this tea was first commenced. There are more than 380 different types of green tea available around the world and the 260 out of those are produced in Yunnan!

Green Tea as Supplement

 Green Tea 

The original consumption of green tea was found in the form of beverage. The research and studies found that there are many health benefits of this drink too. Hence, the use of green tea extract was started in medicines. The extract has all the compounds of green tea in its pure form and the user may enjoy the benefits of these compounds fully. The supplements are meant for medicinal use and hence one who is using it may remain sure of the results when the dosage is taken appropriately. The green tea supplements are becoming more and more popular as the amount of polyphenols are maintained and one can decide the dosage according to the body need.

How does this supplement benefit your health?

The source of green tea and black tea is same but the heating time is different. The process of heating green tea is controlled to retain the polyphenol levels. The complex mechanism of green tea extract consists of caffeine and catechinsthat together boost your noradrenaline levels that would make you feel happy and confident which would eventually help you avoid binge eating.

Apart from weight loss, you would also find the benefits pertaining to stress, digestion and even in severe health conditions like cancer.

Are there side-effects to watch?

Green tea is natural and is consumed since years so there may not be any major side-effect but there are chances of experiencing constipation, stomach upsets and liver problems in some rare cases. Though there are no major issues noted by the health experts, pregnant women may take the appropriate precautions before taking this supplement.

Clinical Trials

The effect of green tea is clinically tested. The effect of this extract on weight loss and weight maintenance were studied and the results were satisfactory. The weight loss was noted in obese adults but the relative amount of weight loss was so small to be concluded. The weight was maintained up to the loss of 7.5% of total body weight. There are sufficient clinical studies available for green tea and the outcome of each study suggested that green tea has fat burning properties.

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